A still from the film 'Uyra: The Rising Forest'. Close up of a person with a painted face and chest, large false eyelashes and blue contact lenses. Their face is painted white, with red and yellow sections over their eyes. Their lips are painted blue. They wear a large leaf behind their head, a beaded necklace and a silver head wrap. They are holding a tree branch that has been made into a staff, with small feathers dangling from it.

Welcome to the 16th edition of

Take One Action Film Festival!

6-10 December 2023, Glasgow

Taking place at the end of the year, our 2023 festival revolves around something we long for across the arts landscape, our interconnected society, and our collective response to crisis: renewal.

Inviting us to hold space for the multiple, intersecting crises we face, these stories beckon us to reimagine fruitfully from the ruins that already surround us. An intimate portrait of an environmentalist’s life; the art of resistance as lived by a trans and Indigenous activist; feeling our way out of catastrophe via ecological sci-fi; an intertwining of personal grief and hope with the earth’s, alongside a group of tree planters.

Exploring the way all struggles for justice are entangled, we ask: what would it mean to move through old materials, systems, and ways of being, to build radical hope together?