Families reunite to rebuild lives in Scotland

Scottish Refugee Council, in partnership with the British Red Cross and the Workers Education Association Scotland, is launching a new project aimed at helping the families of refugees settle into Scotland after they have been reunited with their loved ones.

The Third Country National Family Integration Service will support the families of refugees through the challenges of rebuilding their lives after the complex process of family reunion.

Over the course of the pilot, it is expected that the project will support 60 vulnerable families, who have arrived after having found each other through the British Red Cross’s Family Reunion Service and other routes.

Joe Brady, Head of Integration at Scottish Refugee Council said: “This project aims to address many of the issues that were thrown up by the research we did into family reunion – ‘One Day We Will All Be Reunited’ – in which refugees themselves highlighted the integration challenges they faced and the need for a specialist family integration service within an organisation with an experience of refugee issues.

“Here now, is the service that they wanted; one that can offer practical and emotional support as they rebuild their lives in our communities.”