Ten words celebrating wisdom to start the New Year

To celebrate the sense of possibility arising from a new year starting, and with thanks to Positive News, below are ten words celebrating wisdom in some of the 7000+ languages of the world.

1. Xibipíío
Origin: Pirahã, Amazonian Brazil
Meaning: A revelation on the boundaries of perception or experience

2. Ondinnonk
Origin: Iroquoian, North America
Meaning: The soul’s innermost desires, as revealed in dreams

3. Hózhó
Origin: Navajo, US
Meaning: Striving for balance in life, towards oneself, others and the earth

4. Hoʻoponopono
Origin: Hawaiian, Hawaii
Meaning: An interaction involving mutual forgiveness and restitution

5. Wantok
Origin: Tok Pisin, Papua New Guinea
Meaning: The community where I find belonging: we speak the same language and are responsible for each other

6. Turangawaewae
Origin: Maori, New Zealand
Meaning: A place to stand; a place where we feel rooted, empowered and connected

7. Woohitike
Origin: Lakota, North and South Dakota, US
Meaning: The brave and courageous spirit that lies in every person

8. Piliriqatigiinniq
Origin: Inuktitut, Canada
Meaning: Togetherness, community spirit. Working together for the common good

9. Fago
Origin: Ifaluk, Ifaluk Island, Pacific Ocean
Meaning: A combination of sorrow and the optimism to be found in human compassion

10. Kenshō
Origin: Japanese
Meaning: A temporary glimpse of awakening or enlightenment
Simon Bateson
Artistic Director and Founder of Take One Action