Take One Action Local – Andalus: Community cinema with a difference!

In September, the Andalus Centre in Glasgow became a Take One Action Local group, supported by the Andalus Climate Challenge Fund, with the aim of bringing environmentally and socially concerned cinema to its community. Here their Project Manager, Kawther Luay reflects on the impact the film group had on the members at Andalus…

During the second year of the Andalus Climate Challenge Fund project, ‘Living Active and Going Green’, the Take One Action Film Club (or Local) was launched as an effort to really engage with the community and show powerful films about the environment and our place in it. The post film discussions were an opportunity to talk openly about our worries, feelings or insights on the issues raised, and ultimately a way to inspire action in our own lives and as a collective community.

Our movie nights and guest speakers gave our community the opportunity to become more aware of particular environmental issues, and were able to ask questions and hear answers from experts and professionals in the field in the post film discussion.
The Take One Action Film Club was arguably the most important aspect of the project, since the film plants the seed of thought which is: “Why?”, while the discussion after the films answered the question “How?”. These two questions, when offered in a mind’s eye in an open community environment is the true catalyst for change as the answers distill themselves in ways that resonate with each individual.


 The discussion with our distinguished guest speakers, touched on many aspects of the climate debate in a space open to dialogue and interaction from community members of all ages, and we were pleased to see many children, who are a sizable number of users of the Andalus centre, also watch the films and engage with discussion.

“Why does the nature react at us so bad and do you think climate change is fair?” (Aged 9)

From big questions like the one posed by a child in this endearing way, to more practical discussions on specific actions that can be taken, resulted in several rewarding outcomes. Two people who attended the ‘Just Eat It’ screening now volunteer with the Unity World Cafe, a community group that intercept food waste and share it with refugees. After the film screening ‘The End of the Line’, Andalus hosted an alternative fish supper cookery session, sampling sustainably caught Hake fillets. The ‘Vanishing of the Bees’ raised awareness on supermarket chains that have boycotted farmed vegetables that use pesticides proven to disturb bees. The Film Club discussions were really a great way to cover the macro big question – “Why?” and then focus on the micro “How?”

To conclude, the Andalus Take One Action Film Club successfully planted the seed of thought and reflection, it powerfully built a sense of community and revealed the ownership we hold of our potential impact. This pilot project launched the Andalus Cinema to our community, and the centre has now secured funding from the British Film Institute. We will continue to showcase important films, share stories and build a stronger community that catalyses action.



A huge thank you to all the team and members at Andalus for their work, support and enthusiasm!

If you would to start a Locals group in your community click here for more information!