In response to feedback from hundreds of our audience members, Take One Action hopes to support the development of a much-needed network of “citizen change-maker” support groups across Scotland.

Groups will be participant-led and designed to draw out the connections, open-mindedness and change-making know-how we all need to create the common good of tomorrow – starting where we really are.

Want to know more or start / join a group? Let us know here.



Live better and make a bigger difference. Starting where you really are.

  • You want to help create the fairer, more sustainable world that we all want to be part of.
  • You’re doing what you can to make changes – with lots of constraints (time, energy, bureaucracy, responsibilities).
  • You’d love more support and encouragement to go further and deeper.
  • You have humanity to offer in return.

Our new citizen change-maker support groups will help you do just that.

You don’t need specialist knowledge, or visionary leaders. We’re talking about helping you start a small monthly gathering where you live, work or play. It’s aim? To bring what really matters to you, your community, Scotland and the world into conversation.

We will be offering simple tools (and a supportive network) to keep the transformation flowing.

Think hearts, minds, hands. Refreshment, friendship and honesty. And your current “Change challenges” shared – with practical support to kickstart change in our economies, communities and workplaces. 

Goodbye overwhelm. Hello new world. And more fulfilment on your journey towards it.

Want to know more or start / join a group? Let us know here.

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