TOA Volunteers View: A Youth programme to encourage discussion & action!

“Let us make our future now, and let us make our dream’s tomorrow’s reality.” Malala Yousafzai


A Volunteers View: Take One Action volunteer, Isla Parker, takes a look at this year’s Youth Programme and how it connects to young people living in Scotland today.


As a young person, watching the news in 2018 can be a bewildering activity. We have seen the rise of the far right across Europe, the denial of climate change by leading politicians, the disastrous implications of our changing environment, all amongst continuing accusations of “fake news” and political “fear-mongering”. It is frustrating to feel that progress is being hampered by those in power, especially since it is our generation which will bear the brunt of their decisions.


But we are tomorrow’s politicians, activists, artists, teachers. We can, and we must, start to shape our future today. Taking a seat with Take One Action this September could be your first step in taking a stand. The future and the fate of the oftentimes undocumented communities facing the imminent threats of climate change rely upon our actions today.


Take One Action’s youth programme this year offers a whole host of events designed to bring young people together to encourage informed discussion and action!


Read on to find the highlights for young people from this year’s festival and remember to check out the whole programme at for more inspiring stories.


If you are ages 15-25 you can get tickets to any Take One Action event for just £5.50 when booked in person with valid ID or the GFT 15-25 Card!


The Green Lie

Werner Boote | Austria | 2018 | 93min | English & German with English subtitles

SAT 15 SEPT | 19:00 CCA, Glasgow

SUN 16 SEPT | 17:45 Filmhouse, Edinburgh

The Green Lie unpicks the “greenwashing” myths sold to us at school, university and on social media and discusses new ways to live sustainably in the future. Join in the conversation in the post-screening discussion with film protagonist and environmental journalist and author, Katherine Hartmann, Head of Policy at Global Justice Now, Dorothy Guerrero, and Louise Giblin from UNISON Scotland.

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Young Solitude 

Claire Simon | France | 2018 | 100min | French with English subtitles

SAT 15 SEPT | 12:30 GFT, Glasgow

Screened in partnership with the Glasgow Youth Film Festival, this film captures the hopes, anxieties and fears of young French students, providing a snapshot of modern youth in which loneliness emerges as a specific concern. Join representatives from GYFF post-screening to discuss this and other issues faced by the youth of today.

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Mika Gustafson, Olivia Kastebring, Christina Tsiobanelis | Sweden | 2017 | 91min |  Swedish, Lithuanian, English with English subtitles

FRI 14 SEPT | 20:30 Filmhouse, Edinburgh

TUES 18 SEPT | 19:00 CCA, Glasgow

Swedish rapper Silvana challenges bodyshaming and racial and gender stereotypes propagated by religion and media in her lyrics and performances. In this not-to-be-missed special event, come along to post-screening live performances by inspiring Scottish-based hip-hop artists, musicians and poets to continue to explore women’s empowerment, marginalised experiences and notions of belonging.

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Golden Dawn Girls 

Håvard Bustnes | Norway | 2017 | 95min | Greek & English with English subtitles

SAT 15 SEPT| 17:45 Filmhouse, Edinburgh

SUN 16 SEPT | 19:00 CCA, Glasgow

Women step up to represent the Greek far-right political party Golden Dawn when their husbands, fathers and sons are imprisoned. Stimulating questions on the fate of democracy in Europe, this documentary has relevance for young people everywhere.

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By Isla Parker, Take One Action Volunteer