Grab your diaries! Take One Action Film Festival is on the road and returns to Aberdeen & Inverness this November to premiere the most acclaimed international documentaries focusing on social and environmental justice.

At a time when concepts of truth and democracy are being stretched beyond recognition, the tide of political upheavals, environmental threats and isolationism can feel overwhelming.  Our programme offers an antidote to despair and powerlessness.

We believe in the transformative power of film – and we are honoured to be sharing the stories of individuals and communities whose very resilience, tenacity and hope are radical acts of defiance. These include a Micronesian nation’s president’s urgent calls for climate action (Anote’s Ark), a Swedish hiphop star whose uncompromising lyrics explore feminism, antiracism, LGBT rights and her own immigrant background (Silvana), a tireless activist committed to ending corruption and environmental destruction in Liberia (Silas) and the Palestinian women whose grassroots organising was the unsung, beating heart of the first Intifada (Naila and the Uprising).

The films we screen and the conversations we foster do more than open eyes and minds: they are a direct invitation to reshape our world for the better – right here, right now.

Take a seat. Take a stand.


Discover the full Aberdeen programme 16 – 18 November

Discover the full Inverness programme 23 – 25 November