Creative Activism Exhibition at Take One Action Film Festival

By Blake Turner, Global Justice Now

As Global Justice Now’s newest member of staff, I am extremely excited about Together We Are Powerful: Stories of Resistance, an all-day exhibition by Global Justice Now focused on global activism against corporate power, with images, artefacts and information relating to activism around the world.

On my second day with Global Justice Now, I went along to the venue to help plan the exhibition and since then I have seen my fellow staff member Ruth working tirelessly on the mammoth task of bringing all the exhibition materials together. Based on the amount of effort she has poured into the preparations, it promises to be an excellent event.

It’s a great opportunity for people like me who are passionate about issues but new to the world of activism, as well as those who are experienced activists, to learn about the many campaigns that Global Justice Now and other organisations have been involved in, including Scottish campaigns against fossil fuels and fracking; international campaigning against corporate courts in trade deals; as well as the successful Europe-wide campaign against the unacceptable Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).

I’m also looking forward to the event inside the exhibition in the evening, that brings together two veteran activists with 40 years of activist experience between them to talk aboutwhat it means to be on the front lines in the battle for justice in the face of corporate greed. They’ll interview each other about their own journeys as activists, how they have attempted to affect change in the world and how being an activist has affected their lives.

This event is an outstanding chance to learn about activism, the struggles and successes of those striving to create a more just world, where profit is not prioritised over people and corporations are held to account. I’ll see you there!

Join Global Justice Now for their event Together We Are Powerful: Stories of Resistance on Saturday 21st September from 09:00 – 21:00 at Custom Lane, Edinburgh

Global Justice Now are also partnering with us on the screening of Grit, the rousing portrait of a young activist demanding justice for her community, after a disaster caused by natural gas drilling destroys her village.

Fri 20th Sept | 17:50 | Filmhouse

Sat 21st Sept | 19:30 | CCA