How to Survive a Plague
Truth To Power
David France | 2012
United States | 110 min | 18+ years | English with English subtitles | Subtitles

An inspirational story of two coalitions who united, using activism and innovation, to turn AIDS from a death sentence into a manageable condition

Topics: HIV & AIDS
Susan’s Story
Waverley Care | 2013
United Kingdom | 4 min | 12+ years | English

Powerful film which captures the experience of living with HIV in Scotland, as told by the people themselves

Topics: HIV & AIDS
Darrell Roodt | 2004
South Africa | 96 min | 12+ years | Zulu with English subtitles

After falling ill, Yesterday learns that she is HIV positive. With her husband in denial and young daughter to tend to, Yesterday’s one goal is to live long enough to see her child go to school.