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Do you love the films we show and wish you could share them with more people? Do you want new ways to engage people in your community with social and environmental issues? Then why not start your own TOA Local Group!


What is a Local?

Take One Action Locals are community-run film nights, offering community groups or existing film clubs access to our specially curated catalogue of world-changing films. Take the headache out of negotiating film rights and concentrate on empowering YOUR community and increasing creative, impactful action for a fairer and more sustainable world.


How does it work?

Whether you already run a film club, are part of an organisation who want to start exploring your interests through film, or are just a group of like-minded folk keen to create a space to discuss the challenges we face and the most effective route to action, a TOA local will provide a helpful, inspiring and thought-provoking framework for new engagement.


With close support from the TOA team, you can build a programme of up to 6 screenings, based on the film titles which you feel will resonate with your community. You choose the pace – whether monthly, fortnightly or whatever suits your groups best – over a period of up to 12 months and we will supply the films (usually on DVD); help you plan and market your events; provide you with training on running post-screening discussions and help you to connect with local initiatives and individuals in your area.


For a small, one-off fee, we organise all the film licenses and distribution, saving you considerable time and money, and leaving you more energy to invest in creating an impactful event – the most important part! New titles are regularly added to the catalogue, which currently offers over 50 carefully curated social and environmental justice films. Whether you want to witness communities rallying together to combat the effects of climate change; celebrate the individuals pushing for social justice, or explore new options to achieve food security, tax justice and gender equality, the films on offer are sure to inspire you.


Why are we doing this?

We believe passionately in the power of film to inspire lasting change. As a Festival, we strive to foster a true sense of hope: not a naïve belief that everything will get better, but an openness to the possibility of change – and an understanding of our role in bringing it about.


We want the stories that inspire us to be shared – stories of oppression and stories of rebellion; stories of injustice and stories of solidarity; stories of inequality, and stories of resilience. We want these stories to be seen – not on your laptop, at home, but in a communal space, on a big(ish) screen, with others. And as we can’t be everywhere in Scotland, we want to help as many groups to foster conversations, to find the inspiration and the resources to take meaningful action on those issues that matter to you- and to empower others to join you.


We believe in subsidising access to the films we curate to help them reach wider audiences and maximise their impact. Doing so both fulfils the hopes of the filmmakers who committed their time, energy and creativity to bringing such stories to the screen and responds to a clear appetites from communities across the country who wish to access these stories of hope, change and transformation.


Frequently asked questions

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about setting up a Take One Action Local.


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