About us

TAKE ONE ACTION nurtures communal exploration of the stories, ideas and questions at the heart of positive social change. Through film screenings, conversation and enquiry, we bring people together to inspire a fairer, more sustainable and more fulfilling world – in Scotland and beyond our borders.


WE WANT more people to watch more world-class films about issues of social and environmental change and concern.

WE HELP audiences make connections – tangible, individual and collective – between their own lives and the extraordinary, international stories they are connected to.

WE HOPE to empower more people to take creative, impactful steps to make the world a better place – bit by bit, and sometimes in landslides, changing the local, national and global behaviours that underpin a fairer and more sustainable world.


A twelve-day annual festival in Edinburgh & Glasgow, and follow-on weekend regional festivals in Aberdeen & Inverness

Take One Action Locals – supporting you to inspire and empower communities where you live

Global Film Directory – a specially curated directory of hundreds of films celebrating social and environmental justice, connecting the local and the global, creativity and action.

"You’ve got to ask the big questions – not just look at symptoms and go, 'There’s a victim, let’s hear their story'." Ken Loach
"Want to change the world but not sure where to start? These guys will rouse you into action!" The Guardian
"We have not inherited this land from our ancestors. Rather we have borrowed it from our children." Kenyan Proverb