About Us

Take One Action nurtures communal exploration of the stories, ideas and questions at the heart of positive social change. Through film screenings, conversation and enquiry, we bring people together to inspire a fairer, more sustainable and more fulfilling world, in Scotland and beyond our borders.

Established in 2008, Take One Action are an Edinburgh-based, independent charity founded by film lovers, cultural activists and globally concerned citizens who believe that shared cinematic experience can catalyse lasting change. Our annual programme of activities welcomes upwards of 5,000 audience members each year and includes a 12-day festival in Edinburgh & Glasgow, two weekend festivals in Aberdeen & Inverness, a network of local film clubs and a series of individual screenings, talks and training opportunities.

The 2021 edition of our festival will take place in Edinburgh, Glasgow and online from 22-26 September; in Aberdeen from 22-24 October; and Inverness from 29-31 October. We will present some of the most inspiring, challenging and urgent international cinema exploring social and environmental justice, alongside workshops, conversations, and a treasure trove of special online content that encourage us to think and act beyond the stories we see on screen.

Through debate and innovative presentation, our activities bring individuals, communities, campaigners, filmmakers, politicians, academics and artists together to explore the connections, systems and cultures underpinning social, cultural, environmental and economic inequality – and empowers them to envisage tangible action.

Our work is independent, values-driven, widely recognised for its artistic and social merits, and delivered through partnerships with a range of charities, grassroots groups and NGOs who support local creativity, opportunity and action.

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