Our Team

From staff to volunteers and trustees, a lot of people work behind the scenes to bring world-changing ideas, opportunities and films to life in Scotland. If you know who you want to reach you can message them below. Alternatively, send us a general enquiry.


Ken Loach

Ken Loach is an award-winning British film and television director. He is known for his naturalistic, social realist directing style and for his socialism, which are evident in his body of work. His films include 'Cathy Come Home', 'Kes', 'My Name Is Joe' and 'The Angels' Share'.

Paul Laverty

Paul Laverty is a Scottish lawyer and screenwriter, who has worked with director Ken Loach on nine feature films. His screenplays are meticulously researched and often look at social issues, such as migrant labour, unemployment and conflict.


Simon Artistic Director

I am driven by a passion for great cinema and positive social change. I have worked across media, film, international development and community empowerment, with the British Museum, VSO and the World Development Movement from Scotland to Sierra Leone. I founded Take One Action in 2008 to celebrate “the people and movies that are changing the world”.

Tamara Van Strijthem Executive Director

Having worked in the film festival and training sectors for many years, Tamara has devoted much energy to bringing a wide range of films to diverse audiences. Through Take One Action, this steadfast belief in the power of films to open the mind is now aligned with her commitment to a fairer world. Prior to joining Take One Action in 2013, Tamara worked as a project manager and programmer for film festivals in Germany, Québec, China and the UK. After an initial stint programming members' screenings at BAFTA Scotland at the beginning of the millennium, she joined Moonstone, a Sundance-inspired training and development initiative, in 2002. From 2008 to 2013, she project managed ENGAGE (a pan-European, MEDIA-funded training scheme for emerging filmmakers, based at Screen Academy Scotland), supporting over 120 emerging writers, directors and screenwriters. As Project Manager for Mark Cousins and Tilda Swinton’s 8½ Foundation, she helped thousands of children in Scotland access a wider range of classic and international cinema. She has been on the board of the Berwick-upon-Tweed Film and Media Arts Festival since its creation in 2005. Selected for Guiding Lights in 2010, she was mentored by Sandra Hebron.

Kirsty Somerville Festivals and Volunteers Coordinator

I am passionate about the ability of film to educate, inspire and engage audiences: a wonderfully powerful tool, helping to connect people on a global scale while providing us with a more nuanced understanding of the world we live in - and our part in shaping it. I joined Take One Action as the Festivals and Volunteers Coordinator in March 2016 and I look forward to helping bring together another fantastic year of programming which celebrates cinema's ability to act as a catalyst for discussion and debate on issues of social, political and environmental importance, and to share the inspiring stories of the people fighting for change in our world. Before joining TOA I worked with a range of arts festivals and production companies, including Auckland Arts Festival, Christchurch Arts Festival, CCA, and Cryptic. From these roles, and my academic background in Film Studies, I have developed a great love of the celebratory nature of festivals and the power of cinema - I look forward to bringing this all to TOA!


Anna Chworow Trustee

Anna’s professional background is in charity finance and administration. She has worked for a number of educational charities both with domestic and international focus. She is a contributing author at Global Voices – a citizen’s media project, and an active member of the green movement. Her last position was with LifeMosaic – an NGO supporting indigenous peoples through developing popular education films and resources for communities about issues which affect them most. Currently, she is the Coordinator at the International Association for Community Development – a global network of practitioners, academics and activists working with grassroots participative approaches. She also works at an Edinburgh-based charity accountancy practice.

Garth Reid Trustee

Garth has carried out public health research since 2000, working in Malawi, Ghana and Scotland. Working with people living in the poorest parts of these countries gave him a passion for sustainability, global and social justice. He manages a team of public health evidence specialists working on a broad range of topics ranging from domestic abuse to housing improvement and regeneration. He carries out and commissions research across Scotland. He chairs the Outcomes Framework group and initiated and manages the PhD internship programme in NHS Health Scotland. He is a member of the Research and Evaluation subgroup of the Ministerial Tobacco Control Group and of the Scottish Alcohol Research Network. He works closely with the Scottish Government and the Scottish Collaboration for Public Health Research Policy. He is also a reviewer for the journals Evaluation and The Journal of Public Health. He is a committed trustee for Take One Action and brings cutting edge, critical thinking and academic excellence to the work which the organisation does.

Lucinda Broadbent

Hi I'm one of the founders of media co-op. We're a workers co-operative in Glasgow, we make campaigning films, mostly with NGOs and the public sector, sometimes for TV & cinema. I've been an activist for decades, mostly on feminist, LGBT, peace and international justice issues.