Our values, governance and programming are guided by the following broad articulation of “issues of global concern”.


Take One Action is concerned with social inequity and transformation and focuses on issues which – rather than being case or country specific – have broad international causes and effects.

We may and often do present films on localised issues or very specific situations, but they will ideally always be framed with a global (and Scottish) lens through our introductions, discussions, information and action menus.

Our staff identify issues of global concern by staying abreast of priorities which are shared at the highest levels internationally by NGOs, civil society and inter-governmental agencies addressing inequality from evidence-based approaches. In practical terms, we partner with a range of organisations, and subscribe to a range of media including The Guardian Global Development website and New Internationalist.

These sources, together with the expertise of our partners, staff and trustees, will also provide a check on the truthfulness of film content; although we may sometimes knowingly present work that is purposefully provocative, or juxtapose films (in a double bill or series) which have divergent views on an issue and foster debate – leading to action.

In respect of any issue, we seek to include voices on screen or at events that are indigenous to communities on the front line of inequality. We know that human stories reflecting global issues in microcosm are often the most powerful, and will utilise and spotlight them responsibly, without manipulating audiences or compromising our neutrality. In a similar way, we might contextualise feature films about relatively powerful communities with shorts or contributors from marginalised communities, particularly those from the global south (and vice-versa).



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