Our values, governance and programming are guided by the following broad articulation of “independence and action”.


Take One Action is independent and politically neutral. Our agenda is to increase awareness, inspiration, participation and empowerment among film audiences in relation to global issues; and to promote approaches to film culture that do likewise.

We are not a human rights or campaigning organisation, by which we mean that we do not focus on or attempt to stop or promote case-specific situations. We do promote filmmakers (and those in society generally) whose work on global issues seeks to engage the widest range of stakeholders. We may also use our influence to defend reasonable attempts by journalists and filmmakers to further such inclusivity.

All our events will make available, signpost or exemplify a range of perspectives and a menu of actions and supporting information that audiences can take as global citizens. These should reflect the spectrum of opinions and opportunities around any given issue: those that (a) have significant support in society (e.g. free market and alter-globalisation approaches) and (b) genuinely seek to identify and tackle the root causes of global and environmental inequity.

To that end, we will develop local, national and international partnerships to help audiences access empowering opportunities.

We will not knowingly enter into partnerships with organisations that might compromise our independence. This includes a ban on accepting funding from political parties or organisations with a persistent record of undermining directly or by association human rights, civil society, environmental sustainability or peace. Nor will we accept content derived from such parties or organisations unless they are robustly and transparently contextualised.



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