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Between Here and Home: Nakba Day and Palestinian Displacement

All Equal?

14 May 2023 | 2:00pm - 3:30pm

Closed Captions
Southside Community Centre
117 Nicolson St
Edinburgh, EH8 9ER United Kingdom
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A programme of shorts curated for Art27’s Palestinian Gala Day, commemorating 75 years of the Nakba. Each film in the programme takes a different route into charting the experience of Palestinian displacement. They are ruminations on home, place, and diaspora, bearing witness to 75 years of the Nakba and the subsequent atrocities of the Israeli apartheid state.


A child's drawing of four women in long dresses standing in a line holding hands.The Road to Palestine
(Layaly Badr, 1985)

An animated short film for children, based on the testimony of the girl Laila, who lives in a Palestinian refugee camp.



Until the Last Drop
(Tim Webster & Ernesto Cabellos, 2020)

In a territory where occupation has turned water into a privilege, two farmers working on the same land face increasingly unequal opportunities.


A black and white photo of a street laid on top of a google maps screenshot of the same street

Your Father was Born 100 Years Old… and so was the Nakba
(Razan Al-Salah, 2017)

Oum Amin, a Palestinian grandmother returns to her hometown Haifa through Google Maps Streetview, today, the only way she can see Palestine. She returns to a time and place collapsed to unravel her story, a herstory untold.


Said the Dove to the Olive Tree
(Ryan Dewar & Amira Al Shanti, 2022)

A short spoken word film exploring the complex feelings and identity of a Palestinian diaspora in Scotland.



A still from 'Coming Home'. A black and white close-up of 9 men in a team huddle. Image taken from worm's-eye view to show faces looking directly at the camera.

Coming Home
(Naim Naif & Margot Bowman, 2022)

Palestinian-American dancers in Brooklyn maintain vibrant connection to their homeland through dabke, a traditional Levantine folk dance.




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