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A still from "Material Bodies". A person on their back raises their legs in the air. They wear a prosthetic leg that is made of black metal. Behind and underneath them is a sculptural backdrop made of draped fabrics and shards of foam in faded colours including beige, purple, blue and green.

Shorts: Bodies of Resistance

All Equal? Truth To Power

22 September 2021 - 26 September 2021

Closed Captions
INDY On Demand
United Kingdom
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How can bodies defy systems of oppression?

A special programme of short films that celebrate bodies as sites of reclamation and dissent. Spanning the realms of documentary, poetry and mythology, the films explore how we can use performance, movement, art and joy to reclaim built, digital and imaginary spaces; resist injustice, and find power in community.

Content notes: Depictions of partial nudity and drug & alcohol consumption, and references to ableism and displacement. Suitable for ages 8+.


A still from "Material Bodies". In an outdoor space lined with concrete pillars, a person lies on their back, balancing on their shoulders and raises their legs in the air. They wear a prosthetic leg that is made of black metal.Material Bodies
(Dorothy Allen-Pickard, UK, 2020, 4min, English)

A sensual and cinematic exploration of the relationship between amputees and their limbs, through interwoven dance and dialogue.


A Way of BreathingA still from "A Way of Breathing". A young girl holds her hand up to the camera. Her eyes are focused on her hand, which is holding a pen. She is writing something on the lens. She wears a pink head scarf. Behind her are dappled trees.
(Brenda Akele Jorde, Germany, 2020, 10min, Persian)

A gentle and intimate portrait of an artist’s reflections on her roots, practice and her need for self-expression.


A still from "Kapaemahu". An animated scene. Four figures stand around four large rocks of varying sizes arranged in a square formation. A golden glow eminates from the rocks and the figure's raised hands. Surrounding them in the background and foreground are many figures sillhouetted against an abstract background of warm red.Kapaemahu
(Hinaleimoana Wong-Kalu, USA, 2020, 9min, Niihau Hawaiian)

Kapaemahu reveals the healing power of four mysterious stones on Waikiki Beach – and the legendary non-binary spirits within them.


Club QuarantineA still from "Club Quarantine". A grid shows nine webcam views capturing people partaking in an online party, each in their own homes. Rooms are personalised, some lit in green, red and purple light reminiscent of club interiors. The individuals are caught mid-dance, such as with hands raised or bodies spinning.
(Aurora Brachman, USA, 2020, 7min, English)

A punchy voyage into the world of a virtual queer dance party, capturing the moments of joy and connection that withstand isolation.


A still from "Affirmation #6". A person walks across an pedestrian bridge on a river in an industrial area. Another image of the same person is overlayed on top, this one facing the camera and holding their hands close to their face to sign. The sky is overcast and faint lights are visible from the windows of the surrounding buildings.Affirmation #6

(Lisa Fannen/Monika Smekot/Alison Smith, Scotland, 2021, 4min, BSL/English) Traversing poetry, dance, movement, sign language and film, Affirmation #6 considers what it means to respond to, and be part of, swelling movements for transformation.


All That You Can’t Leave Behind
(Ufuoma Essi, UK, 2019, 14min, English)

An experimental meditation on the relationship between Black women’s collective experience with music, history, and the act of reclamation.


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