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The Ground beneath their Feet: Shorts Programme

All Equal? Shared Planet

16 September 2020 - 27 September 2020

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United Kingdom
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From economic and resources inequality in the occupied Palestinian territories to women’s autonomy and the protection of indigenous land rights in the face of fossil fuel exploitation in Kenya. All three films in this specially curated programme powerfully point to the global economic and political factors fuelling the injustice faced by their protagonists – and call for change at local, national and international levels.


Kofi and Lartey (dir. Sasha Rainbow, Ghana / UK, 2019, 20′)
Twi, English
The commercial district of Agbogbloshie in Accra, the capital of Ghana, is home to 100,000 people – and to one of the world’s biggest electronic waste dumps. Inseparable friends Kofi and Lartey roam Agbogbloshie in search of valuable materials, adventure, and an opportunity to define their own future.




Until the Last Drop (dir. Tim Webster and Ernesto Cabellos, Palestine / UK, 2020, 20′)
Arabic, Hebrew
In a territory where occupation has turned water into a privilege, two farmers working on the same land face increasingly unequal opportunities.




Oil and Water (dir. Anjali Nayar, Canada / Kenya, 2020, 14′)
In a drought-prone, oil-rich area in Northern Kenya, a community’s ancestral land has been taken for oil extraction. When women in the community — who traditionally have no say in things related to land — realise that the promise of jobs, money and reliable irrigation will never materialise, they rally together to protect their future and fight greed, patriarchy and corrupt politics.


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