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To Remember, To Reclaim: Archives for Future Love

Shared Planet Sisters

21 October 2022 - 30 October 2022

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United Kingdom
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A programme of shorts exploring women’s relationships to (home)land – how they reclaim their place in ongoing histories, carve out space for survival, and allow new forms of love to thrive in the future.


For Love
(Joy Gharoro-Akpojotor, 2021, UK, 13min) 

A lyrical work of queer fiction embedded in hostile reality. An immigrant secretly living with her girlfriend must make a decision about the life she wishes to lead when immigration officers hammer down her door.



(Mónica Taboada-Tapia , 2021, Colombia, 16min)

Georgina, a trans woman living in a small indigenous community in Colombia, answers the hostility thrown her way with the words, “I have only love.”



Born in Damascus
(Laura Wadha, 2021, Scotland, UK, 15min)

Syrian-Scottish filmmaker Laura Wadha reconnects with her cousin after 10 years apart. Through video calls, old recordings, and ongoing processes of memory and reconciliation, they piece together the story of their family separated by war.



First Step Swim
(Caitlin McMullan, 2021, Scotland, 7min)

First Step Swim follows Caitlin on a journey of wild swimming as she navigates not only her relationship to her body, but also to the water and space in which she inhabits throughout this short film.



An Ode to a Time I Loved Bread
(Neema Ngelime, 2021, Tanzania, Belgium, Portugal, Hungary, 11min)

A memory capsule of the filmmaker Neema’s time spent at a colonial legacy boarding school, and how it shaped her relationship to food, body, and identity.



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