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Since 2008, Take One Action Film Festivals have engaged tens of thousands of people with hundreds of world-class films, showcasing inspiring stories that explore issues of global concern.

We would usually run a 12-day festival across Edinburgh & Glasgow, and a three-day weekend festival in Aberdeen & Inverness every year.

The current global health crisis, which has led to the closure of cinemas and community venues, is likely to affect in-person gatherings for the foreseeable future, forcing most festivals to radically rethink their delivery. For the first time ever, Take One Action will bring people together not in person but virtually, sharing inspiring films and conversations through an online festival, planned for the same dates as the original festival: 16- 27 September 2020.

The pandemic, along with the global resurgence of the Black Lives Matter movement, has re-exposed a myriad of prevailing injustices and the ground feels fertile for profound systemic change. Meanwhile, the government-imposed restrictions have led to feelings of isolation and separation among large parts of the population, and we feel that it is an especially crucial time to connect and empower people while providing a platform for the films, stories and questions at the core of real change.

Our screenings and events bring together communities, filmmakers, politicians, journalists, campaigners, businesses, academics and artists – united by the simple desire to connect around common stories and shape their unfolding for the greater good.

Join in, take part, be inspired!

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2020 dates

16 – 27 September

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