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Since 2008, Take One Action Film Festivals have engaged tens of thousands of people with hundreds of world-class films, showcasing inspiring stories that explore issues of global concern.

Each year we run a 12-day festival across Edinburgh & Glasgow, and a three-day weekend festival in Aberdeen & Inverness.

Our screenings and events bring together communities, filmmakers, politicians, journalists, campaigners, businesses, academics and artists – united by the simple desire to connect around common stories and shape their unfolding for the greater good.

Our Edinburgh & Glasgow festival programme is now live – see below for full details of what we have in stored and pick up a programme from any of our venues!

Come, take part, be inspired!

festival 2019 dates

Edinburgh & Glasgow 18-29 Sept

Aberdeen 15-17 Nov

Inverness 22-24 Nov


Welcome to the 12th edition of the UK’s leading global change film festival.

With the state of our planet – and the interactions between some of its inhabitants – sending many of us into a pit of despair, our screenings and events offer a much-needed opportunity to understand, celebrate and harness our power for positive change.

The films we present do not shy away from stark realities, yet there is joy and inspiration to be found in the commitment, resilience and solidarity at the heart of the stories we share.

Meet the teenagers channelling their love of science to respond to environmental threatsfaced by their communities, the woman fighting to abolish modern slavery in the Thai fishing industry, the female politician refusing to give up on her dreams of a better democracy in Afghanistan… The 40 films and dozen events that make up this year’s programme offer an urgent reminder of the role we can play in shaping our world for the better.

We thank our funders, partners, audiences, volunteers and the filmmakers whose work we champion for making another edition of the festival possible. We are so proud and excited to invite you to be part of these journeys of change.

Take a seat. Take a stand.




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