By applying to become a Take One Action Film Club or to renew your annual group membership you are agreeing to abide by the following terms and conditions. If you have any questions about these terms, please contact us.

1. The ethos

We trust you to respect the Values we share and to use the copy of the films you’ve been provided in accordance with the spirit as well as the letter of the terms and conditions below. It is vital for our relationship with filmmakers and distributors that you do not copy the film in any way or make it available to others.

2. Acting as a TOA Film Club

Your Take One Action Local group’s name will be established in consultation with Take One Action, but will in most cases be “Take One Action [LOCATION]”. The Take One Action brand name is licensed to you on an annual basis, and may be revoked if your groups is found to be in significant breach of our terms and conditions as set out below. You may not organise or promote events using Take One Action’s brand name outside of this licence agreement.

3. Film licence terms

Each film may be screened only on the specific date and at the specific venue as reported by you in your booking. If this changes you must notify Take One Action immediately otherwise the screening may be a breach of copyright.

There must be no editing, copying or otherwise altering of the film. Our current terms also require you to play the film with its original soundtrack.

Films booked through Take One Action must not be used to promote or endorse commercial products or services, excepting opportunities that can reasonably be shown to be part of a diverse mix promoted to audiences that will further empower them to be agents of change.

4. Revenues and expenditure

All expenditure and fundraising contracted to in the course of organising, marketing and delivering your activities as a Film Club must be made in the name of individuals involved in your group. Take One Action does not undertake any liability to make good on any costs or debts incurred by your Film Club, and you should therefore avoid making financial commitments to venues etc. that you cannot cover out of pocket (i.e. regardless of whether you secure sponsorship or sell tickets).

In any case, we require that you keep a record of all income and expenditure for your Film Club’s activity using a simple Financial Reporting tool. Income includes event ticket sales or donations and any grants or sponsorship you raise to support your activity. Your Film Clubs’ membership fee may be included as expenditure.

You may charge a ticket price for people to attend the screening, at your discretion, provided that admission remains accessible to as wide an audience as possible.

Any income which would normally be described as “reserved” funds (i.e. money received from funders or sponsors given to you under agreement that the whole amount be spent directly on your Festival/Season activities) must be noted as such in the Financial Reporting tool, and any such unspent funds must be returned by you to such funders or sponsors after your event.

You commit to return a minimum of 25% (and up to 100%, if you so choose) of any remaining balance of funds to Take One Action in order to support other Film Clubs getting started in this programme. This should be calculated at the end of your film festival/series, or at the end of 12 months from your date of Film Club renewal (whichever is earliest). Any remaining funds must be donated to a named and incorporated not-for-profit group (i.e. an organisation with charitable status or community-interest group). You may at your discretion transfer part of these remaining funds to Take One Action as your fee for Membership of the Film Clubs Scheme for the following year.

5. Endorsement and sponsorship

Take One Action welcomes Film Clubs trying to seek sponsorship in support of necessary and impactful activities directly related to organising, marketing or delivering your events for which you do not have existing funds in place.

We cannot guarantee that you will find sponsorship when you commit to paying your Film Club fees, or offer any assistance to make good on additional expenditure that you commit your group to in delivering the event.

Though screenings under these licensing terms may form part of wider endeavours to promote the work of charities and not-for-profit groups, you may not state or imply that the film’s distributor, producer, director or any of its stars/protagonists have given direct approval or endorsement of your organisation, nor any events, goods or services.

All partnership and sponsorship must comply with our ethical partnership policy which states that:

  • Take One Action and its subsidiaries will not enter into financial arrangements with any companies, individuals or organisations who have a consistent track record of undermining human rights or environmental sustainability.

To ensure that we live up to these standards, we require that you notify us ( and obtain prior written approval for any partnership or sponsorship – organisations, services, events or goods – that are supporting or otherwise endorsed or promoted in connection with your screenings.

We respectfully ask that you do not approach any of our national partners for sponsorship, unless your group is a direct subsidiary of a partner. You can see our current list of national partners at

6. Marketing, promotion and ticketing

Your events may be advertised to the general public by any means available to you, whether internally (posters, group emails) or externally (ads in the local press, events listings, websites).

You may make use of any Take One Action images and assets made available to you after registration, as well as images provided by Take One Action and online that have been explicitly derived from the films you are showing, for marketing purposes only, but not for any commercial gain separate to your screening.

7. Venue license and insurances

It is your responsibility to verify or obtain and cover the cost of any event licences required to allow the screening (“exhibition”) of films in your chosen venue(s). Most venues will have this provision in place, but do not take it for granted. These include but are not limited to: public entertainment licences and local government licences, health and safety certificates, public liability insurance and licences from collecting societies such as the Performing Rights Society and PPL (or its equivalent in other jurisdictions) if you are using recorded music at your events.

8. Delivery timeline

Once your programme has been confirmed and your film(s) has/have been booked, Take One Action will arrange for recorded postal delivery, or secure online transfer, not less than 5 working days before your earliest screening date, to the delivery address specified on your agreement.

Take One Action may not be held liable for costs incurred as a result of any event cancellations that may result from a film not being delivered prior to your screening. If nobody is present to accept delivery of the film(s) at the agreed address, no reimbursement of your fee will be offered. Take One Action will not be liable or responsible in any way if any materials go missing.

9. Testing your film copy

Most of our films will be provided on DVD though some will be sent on a hard drive/download to play digitally. Check the films by playing each in full before your screening(s). Should you notice any fault, please clean the DVD carefully or try the file on a different computer. If the copy remains faulty, please request a replacement copy by contacting Take One Action. You will need to return the original copy immediately. Take One Action cannot be held responsible for any fault not discovered at least 72 hours prior to the screening date.

10. Digital files

If you are provided with a digital file, you are being granted access for the sole purpose of a one-off, non-theatrical screening as part of TOA’s Film Clubs initiative. You will not duplicate, share, distribute or otherwise disseminate this file nor the download link. You also commit to deleting the file from all computer storage (e.g. hard drive) or cloud storage within 24 hours of the screening taking place.

11. Returning films

You are required to return any hard copies of each film within 3 days of your last scheduled screening (of each). All films should be sent via signed-for post to:

Take One Action Film Festivals
32-36 Dalmeny Street
Edinburgh EH6 8RG

Please email to confirm dispatch and provide a tracking number.