1/2 Revolution

Close Up Truth To Power
Director: Karim El Hakim, Omar Shargawi | Countries of production: Denmark | Year: 2011 | Length: 72 min
Language: Arabic with English subtitles | Age: 15+ years

Screened as part of TOAFF12

January 2011 – downtown Cairo – a close-knit group of friends struggle to stay alive and stick together as waves of protests escalate around them in their neighbourhood near Tahrir Square during the first chaotic days of the Egyptian Revolution.

Armed with cameras and focused determination, directors Omar Shargawi and Karim El Hakim take to the streets to capture a view of the revolution unlike any other. Shot from street level and featuring stunning on-the-ground footage of history in the making, 1/2 Revolution is a one of a kind real-life action thriller.

“Egypt’s Arab Spring protests come alive in this courageous and compelling doc.”
The Hollywood reporter

“1/2 Revolution offers the privileged perspective of a group of filmmaker/activist friends.
The title carries multiple meanings, including the fact that the revolution was only half successful, that the filmmakers only documented half of it, and that both directors are half Arab.”

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