A Walk to Beautiful

Director: Mary Olive Smith | Countries of production: United States | Year: 2007 | Length: 85 min
Language: English with English subtitles | Age: 15+ years

A Walk to Beautiful tells the story of five women in Ethiopia suffering from devastating childbirth injuries. Rejected by their husbands and ostracized by their communities, these women are left to spend the rest of their lives in loneliness and shame. We follow each of these women on their journey to a special hospital in Addis Ababa where they find solace for the first time in years, and we stay with them as their lives begin to change.

While the narrative seems straightforward the film is a complex and quietly devastating indictment of chauvinist societies that see women as lovers, mothers and servants, and treat anyone who can’t fulfill those roles as a nonperson.

The trials they endure and their attempts to rebuild their lives tell a universal story of hope, courage, and transformation.

Directors Mary Olive Smith and Amy Bucher have found a story — a heartbreaking injustice — that has never been captured for a large audience.
The New-York Sun

News & Documentary Emmy Awards, Winner, Outstanding Informational Programming
San Francisco International Film Festiva, Winner, Best Documentary Feature

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