All or Nothing

Close Up
Director: Mike Leigh | Countries of production: United Kingdom | Year: 2002 | Length: 128 min
Language: English | Certificate: 18 Cert
Genres: Drama |
Topics: UK Poverty
| Regions: United Kingdom

Phil is a gentle taxi-driver, whose partner Penny has fallen out of love with him. They live with their unemployed, aggressive son Rory, and daughter Rachel, who cleans in a care home for elderly people.

When an unexpected tragedy occurs, they are brought closer together and rediscover their love.

Set in a London housing estate over one long weekend, All Or Nothing tells the story of Phil, Penny, their family and their neighbours, and the emotional journey they all undertake.

Leigh’s mix of humanist social concern and hyperreal comedy is absolutely comprehensible, especially in a context that he has created.
The Guardian

Leigh, who in his earlier films might have found a few laughs at the expense of his characters, clearly loves these people and cares for them. They are, we realize, utterly without resources; they lack the skills to enjoy life and are trapped on an economic treadmill.
Roger Ebert

London Critics Circle Film Awards, Winner, British Film of the Year
Cannes Film Festival, Nominated, Palme d’Or

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