An African Election

Director: Jarreth J. Merz, Kevin Merz | Countries of production: Ghana, Switzerland, United States | Year: 2011 | Length: 89 min
Language: English | Age: 15+ years

As African Election is a feature-length documentary set against the backdrop of the 2008 presidential elections in Ghana, West Africa. Director Jarreth Merz followed the political parties, party operatives and citizens for almost three months, and gained an insider’s view of the political, economic and social forces at work in Ghana.

There are twists and turns to An African Election, which takes us on a rare behind the scenes look at political electioneering in Africa and at the larger-than-life politicians battle to win the high-stakes political contest.

Along the way, the film paints a portrait of an engaged, energised electorate, thronging the rallies and queuing for 12 hours straight at the polling stations. It’s a good foundation; something to build on.
The Guardian

Jarreth Merz’s polished film is a handy document to a rarely visited democracy.

Atlanta Film Festival, Winner, Documentary Feature
Nyon Visions du Réel 2011, Winner, Audience Jury Award

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