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Close Up Shared Planet Sisters
Director: Kamar Ahmed Simon | Countries of production: Bangladesh | Year: 2012 | Length: 90 min
Language: Bengali with English subtitles | Age: 12+ years

Screened as part of TOAFF13

A family living on the coast of Bangladesh fights to rebuild their home after flooding strips them of their possessions, and creates widespread unemployment.

Rakhi’s son Rahul was only four in 2009 when a powerful tidal wave destroyed everything they owned. Her husband Soumen has had no work since, as every day remains a battle to defend the community’s land from typhoons and further flooding. Shot from immersive low camera angles which pull the viewer head first into scenes suggestive of science fiction, we join Rakhi and her family in impasse, struggling to keep their home out of the mud, while governments, both national and international, sit on their hands. Will there be a future for Rahul on his ancestral land? Or will he – like millions of others – be forced to make a life in the impoverished slums churning out poverty-wage garments to keep the West happy?

Cinéma du Reel, Winner, Grand Prix
Bangladesh National Film Award, Winner, Best Feature (Non-fiction)
International Documentary Festival Amsterdam (IDFA), Official selection

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