Behind the Wire

Director: Liam O'Hare | Year: 2016 | Length: 10 min
Language: English | Age: 15+ years

Behind the Wire is a photographic documentary about life in Scotland’s only detention centre for asylum seekers. By capturing the testimonies of those held behind the fences of the historic Dungavel Castle, the film gives voice to those rendered unwanted by the state.

With the Refugee crisis one of the defining issues of this generation, Behind the Wire offers a rare glimpse into the bleakness and injustice facing those who travel to escape violence and hardship.

Filming inside the centre, ‘behind the wire’, is forbidden the film uses photographs and recorded phone calls with detainees to tell their story.

With mental illness and even suicide attempts commonplace, the reality of life in Dungavel is bleak. But with ongoing campaigns calling on the centre to be closed, there is hope that one day detention of migrants will be a thing of the past in Scotland.

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