Blood Brother

Director: Steve Hoover | Year: 2013 | Length: 93 min
Language: English | Age: 15+ years

This intimate portrait of a young man who longs to find a family and ends up in an HIV orphanage is challenging and graceful in equal measure.

When Pittsburgh youth Rocky Braat first traveled to India, he was hoping to clear his mind, sort out his priorities and forget about his past. But when he is compelled to visit, and then befriend and work with just a tiny fraction of the 220,000 children living with HIV, “Rocky anna” (brother, as they come to call him) soon realises that the price of his compassion is to come to terms with the depths of his own vulnerabilities.

This is a deeply transformative film, and a celebration of the power of love.

“Documentaries don’t come any bigger hearted than Blood Brother”

“This movie shooked us to our very core. It is, in one way, a movie about self-sacrifice but, really, it is delicate character study; exuberant, heartbreaking, transcendent, and profoundly moving.”
Sundance Grand Jury

Sundance Film Festival 2013, Winner, Grand Jury Prize
International Documentary Association, Winner, Humanitas Award