Canned Dreams

Director: Katja Gauriloff | Countries of production: Finland, France, Ireland, Norway, Portugal | Year: 2012 | Length: 81 min
Language: English, Finnish with English subtitles | Age: 12+ years

In an attempt to locate the origins of each ingredient used in one can of tinned ravioli, Canned Dreams propels the viewer on a spectacular 30,000-kilometre, eight-country journey through all phases of food production and the far flung sources of international ingredients.

The story begins with a single mother toiling in one of the biggest open pit mines in Brazil and ends on the shelf of a grocery store in Finland, taking the time to meet the many the workers whose calloused hands mine, raise and harvest each ingredient, along the way.

Sumptuous photography and impressive sound design make an eloquent statement about our modern, globalized world, making us aware of the hundreds of invisible people who prepare the food we eat every day.

“The can represents the absurdity of food production, as well as the diversity of European culture, as the film goes on to tell a universal story.”