Enjoy your Meal

Shared Planet
Director: Walther Grotenhuis | Countries of production: Colombia | Year: 2010 | Length: 90 min
Age: 12+ years

Filmmaker Walter Grotenhuis remembers how he used to look forward to Sundays when he was a boy as it marked the one day that his family would eat meat for lunch. However, several decades later, this is no longer the special occasion it was back then.

While a single delicious meal is prepared in a Dutch kitchen over the course of the film, Grotenhuis traces its ingredients across the world, showing the effects of the production of the food on its environment. It leads him to Brazil, where the mass deforestation has a severe impact on the lives of a local Indian tribe, to the Philippines where the explosive growth of the number of shrimp farms leaves no room for local fisherman, and in Kenya, where the mass cultivation of sugar snaps creates serious irrigation problems.

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