Fire in the Blood

All Equal? Close Up
Director: Dylan Mohan Gray | Countries of production: India | Year: 2012 | Length: 87 min
Language: English, Hindi, Xhosa with English subtitles | Certificate: PG Cert

In the late nineties, medicines were created to curb the impact of HIV, charged at £10,000 per person per year. As a result, AIDS associated deaths dropped by 84 percent in developed countries. But to maintain profits and apparently fund research, the drugs companies refused to licence more affordable versions, leaving millions to die in countries that could not afford such high prices.

Fire in the Blood narrates the remarkable true story of the global activists who laid down their lives and reputations to overturn the situation.

A testament to human decency and a damning indictment of laissez-faire capitalism.
Philip French, The Observer

DOXA Documentary Film Festival 2013, Winner, Feature Documentary Award
Hamburg Film Festival 2013, Winner, Critics Award

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