I am Not Afraid of the Soldiers

Close Up
Director: Rinske Bosch | Countries of production: Israel, Palestine | Year: 2015 | Length: 20 min
Language: Arabic with English subtitles | Age: 8+ years

Screened as part of TOAFF16

Yazan lives in a Palestinian refugee camp, surrounded by tall concrete walls, guard towers and patrolling soldiers.

He and his friends dream of a less fractious, more autonomous reality – they no longer want to live in fear of the Israeli soldiers’ tear gas and bullets.

While the Israeli soldiers at the Wall do not listen to the children of the camp, they are watching so together with his friends Yazan uses storytelling and photography to make a poster which tells his story. They want to hang it on the most dangerous place in the camp – near the soldiers – but will they succeed?

I am Not Afraid of the Soldiers is a small story about a great and complicated conflict, and a powerful celebration of friendship and the power of stories.

Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam, Official Selection
DOXA Documentary Film Festival, Official Selection

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