In This World

Close Up
Director: Michael Winterbottom | Countries of production: United Kingdom | Year: 2003 | Length: 88 min
Language: English, Pashto, Persian, Turkish | Certificate: 15 Cert
Genres: Drama | | Regions: Afghanistan, Global

In this dramatic re-creation, Jamal (Jamal Udin Torabi) and Enayat (Enayatullah) escape from the wretched Shamshatoo Refugee Camp in northwest Pakistan and embark on a perilous journey to England, where Jamal’s uncle lives. Though they are initially caught by Iranian authorities and sent back, they ultimately make it through Iran to Istanbul, Turkey, smuggled there by paid human traffickers. To get to Italy, they must risk being shipped, and spend over a day in an unventilated container.

Michael Winterbottom delivers a convincing insight into the concealed world of human trafficking, and the desperate lengths some people will go to in order to seek a ‘better’ life in the Western World.

Deeply affecting
The Independent

An astonishing film
The Telegraph

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