Journey to Utopia

Close Up Shared Planet
Director: Erlend E. Mo | Countries of production: Denmark, Norway, Sweden | Year: 2020 | Length: 87 min
Language: Danish, Norwegian with English subtitles | Age: 8+ years

The Mo family lead a picture-perfect life on their farm in Norway. But recently, climate anxiety and fear for the planet that will be left to their three children is keeping them up at night. Taking a giant leap of faith, the family decides to take action and move to ‘Permatopia’: a brand new self-sufficient, organic farming cooperative in Denmark.

But will green community living really be a sustainable solution for a family of five headstrong individualists, each with their own very different expectations and dreams? Journey to Utopia is a heartwarming and brutally honest film about one family’s attempt to make a real difference under the shadow of climate change.