Kolwezi on Air

Director: Idriss Gabel | Countries of production: Belgium | Year: 2016 | Length: 72 min
Language: French with English subtitles
Genres: Documentary | | Regions: Africa

The past and present of the Democratic Republic of the Congo is determined by poverty, corruption, violence and a struggle for power and mineral wealth. This dysfunctional country is a textbook example of Africa’s troubled history. Even within such a complicated context journalism plays a pivotal role.

However, the local “watchdogs of democracy” often do not have it easy, as highlighted by the work of the local television and radio station crews in the relatively developed mining town of Kolwezi in southern Congo. Even when they strive for an investigative and independent view, their determination intersects with personal interests, the hunt for sensationalism and political influences. They find themselves in tragicomic situations on ethical boundaries that clearly illustrate the complexity of civil society in developing countries.

One World, Official selection