Land Grabbing

Director: Kurt Langbein | Countries of production: Austria | Year: 2015 | Length: 94 min
Language: English with English subtitles | Age: 12+ years

In the last decade over 200 million hectares of arable land – more than all of Europe’s – has been sold to foreign investors around the world. In the most comprehensive film about land grabbing to date Romy award-winning journalist Kurt Langbein puts a face to the financiers who are winning big, the farmers who are losing everything and the activists who are speaking out.

From Cambodia and Indonesia to Sierra Leone and Romania, a vicious cycle is developing. As climate change and land mismanagement destroy millions of hectares each year, good land becomes scarcer, more “investable” and further over-farmed.

Packed with fascinating images of global agro-business on the rise, Langbein also reveals how the actions of the EU on behalf of Western consumers are fuelling the crisis. An urgent call to action, tendered by beckoning examples of resistance and change from within poor countries themselves.

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