Life is Sacred

Truth To Power
Director: Andreas Dalsgaard | Countries of production: Colombia, Denmark, Ireland, Norway | Year: 2014 | Length: 104 min
Language: Spanish with English subtitles | Certificate: 12A Cert

Screened as part of TOAFF15

Violence is part of everyday life in Colombia, where the military, guerrillas, paramilitaries, and drug cartels have been fighting for decades, and hundreds of thousands of people have been killed.

But the unorthodox presidential candidate Antanas Mockus and his enthusiastic young activist supporters attempt to reverse the vicious cycle with an imaginative and positive election campaign.

As mayor of Bogotá, dressed in a Superman costume and with an indomitable trust in the good of his fellow citizens, he took on towering crime rates and people’s bad traffic habits. But his idealism is both his strength and his weakness in an aggressive political system in which he struggles to restore people’s faith in being able to make a difference. Can good ideas and an idealistic drive alone change a political culture where violence is rampant? This is the portrait of an inspiring man and a powerful youth movement, whose stories are relevant far beyond Colombia’s borders.

“An intriguing, quietly inspirational story of one man’s struggle against politics.”
The Hollywood Reporter

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