Moment of Fury

All Equal?
Director: Samaré Gozal | Countries of production: Denmark, Iran, Sweden | Year: 2005 | Length: 10 min
Language: Persian with English subtitles | Age: 8+ years
Genres: Archive, Documentary |
Topics: Human Rights
| Regions: Iran

Moment of Fury describes the violation of fundamental human rights, such as freedom of expression, in contemporary Iran. It serves as a glimpse into the realities of life under authoritarian rule as seen through the eyes of asylum seekers and activists inside as well as outside Iran.

The footage is a combination of interviews conducted by the team in Denmark and Norway, footage shot in Iran by an external camera man but also a collection of archival footage from Television broadcasts from the time around the revolution. The black and white images are by the late Iranian photographer Kaveh Golestan.

Director´s note (2022):

Although Moment of Fury was made years ago, the first short film I ever worked on, the subject matter of freedom of speech and freedom  of expression in Iran continues to be highly current. The film is about the moment of no return, the  moment when an individual in a repressive society might reach a point when there is nothing left to lose,  leaving no other option than open resistance against the oppressor.  This sentiment can be clearly seen with the nationwide and widespread protests currently taking place  in the country and the global support that the uprising continues to inspire. The comment given by one of the interviewees at the end of the film is ´´People must not give up hope´´ and what we see in the uprising today I think is a testament to the incredible sacrifices that each and every protestor in the country has to make in  the hopes of  one day attaining their freedom.

Official selection: Tampere Film Festival 2007, Bergen Filmklubb 2006, Document Human Rights Film Festival 2006, One World Human Rights Film Festival 2006

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