Watch Free
Robert Grieves | 2013
United Kingdom | 7 min | 5+ years | No dialogue

The idyllic world of two artisan stallholders is invaded by a devious fast-food vendor. The ferocious turf war that follows provokes life changing events resulting in one delicious discovery!

Watch Free
Save The Arctic
Greenpeace | 2014
New Zealand | 1 min | English

The Arctic is slowly melting, a process being sped on by the corporate greed of many. This campaign film from Greenpeace calls to make the Arctic a unique and protected nature reserve.

The School In The Cloud
Jerry Rothwell | 2018
United Kingdom | 85 min | English with English subtitles

What is the future of education in a networked world? TED Prize-winning scientist Sugata Mitra installs an unmanned Internet kiosk in a remote Bengali village. As children encounter the Internet for the first time, will they be able to use it to transform their futures?

Seeds of Time
Shared Planet The Bigger Picture
Sandy McLeod | 2013
Denmark, Italy, Norway... | 77 min | 12+ years | English, Quechua with English subtitles | Closed CaptionsSubtitles

Can we future-proof global food production? Crop diversity pioneer Cary Folwer believes we can – if we act now.