Until The Last Drop
All Equal? Shared Planet
Tim Webster and Ernesto Cabellos | 2020
Palestine | 20 min | 12+ years | Arabic with English subtitles | Closed CaptionsSubtitles

Screening as part of TOAFF20

In a territory where occupation has turned water into a privilege, two farmers working on the same land face increasingly unequal opportunities.

Untravel (Neputovanja)
Ana Nedeljković & Nikola Majdak Jr. | 2018
Serbia and Montenegro, Slovakia | 10 min | 15+ years | English

Screened as part of TOAFF18

A girl living in a grey and heavily regulated country yearns to find out what lies beyond the border.

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The Very Hot Snowman
Climate Coalition | 2017
United Kingdom | 1 min | 8+ years | English with English subtitles | Subtitles

Sammy the Snowman has met lots of new friends this winter—but he knows they’re not supposed to be awake until spring! A touching animation that shows the real effect climate change is having on our seasons.

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Tod Lending | 2014
United States | 5 min | 8+ years | English

Screened as part of TOAFF14

A nine year-old girl describes the story of her family and village, who recovered from near starvation after their fishing village adopted sustainable fishing practices.