Persona Non Grata

Director: Wuytack, Fabio | Countries of production: Belgium | Year: 2008 | Length: 90 min
Language: Dutch, Spanish with English subtitles

Prosecuted as a revolutionary, banned as a priest, arrested as a rebel, celebrated as an artist. This is Frans Wuytack’s truly inspiring and overwhelming story.

Frans Wuytack, known in the Venezuelan slums as Padre Francisco, unchained a social and cultural revolution in the slums of Caracas. Through arts, education and non-violent demonstrations he tried to change the unbearable situation that many of the Venezuelan people were living in. However, despite his efforts, Wuytack was exiled to his home country Belgium by the Venezuelan authorities. Here, he continue the fight against injustice by supporting port workers from his home in Antwerp.

After thirty years of exile, Padre Francisco returns to South-America with his son, filmmaker Fabio Wuytack. What follows is a humorous and touching voyage through the maze of Frans Wuytack’s exciting past, as told by the residents who he worked with.

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