Director: Godfrey Reggio | Countries of production: United States | Year: 1988 | Length: 99 min
Language: English, Spanish with English subtitles

Powaqqatsi is the second of the feature-length “non narrative” films produced, directed and co-scripted by Godfrey Reggio and scored by Philip Glass.

In this second chapter Reggio turns his sights on third-world nations in the Southern Hemisphere – the emerging land-based cultures of Asia, India, Africa, the Middle East and South America – and how they express themselves through work and traditions.

Employing a meditative slow motion, the film reveals the beauty of the traditional ways of life in those parts of the planet, and to show how cultures there are being eroded as their environments are taken over by industry.

Powaqqatsi is a record of diversity and transformation, of cultures dying and prospering, of industry for its own sake and the fruits of individual labor, presented as an integrated human symphony.

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