Shield and Spear

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Director: Petter Ringbom | Countries of production: South Africa, United States | Year: 2014 | Length: 89 min
Language: English | Age: 12+ years

Screened as part of TOAFF15

In this beautiful, spirited and challenging art-doc, director Petter Ringbom charts the interventions of a whole new generation of black and white South African activist-artists tackling issues of race, human rights and equality through music, photography and dialogue.

Brett Murray’s painted caricature of South African president Jacob Zuma results in a lawsuit and death threats. Photographer Zanele Muholi’s work exposes hate crimes in the LGBT community. The Smarteez design collective champions freedom of expression. And musician Xander Ferreira challenges racism through boundary-crossing lyrics and performance.

A moving example to anyone looking to change their societies and reshape politics all over the world.

Vibrant and eye-opening
The Hollywood Reporter

Sheffield Doc Fest

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