Sorry We Missed You

All Equal?
Director: Ken Loach | Countries of production: Belgium, France, United Kingdom | Year: 2019 | Length: 100 min
Language: English | Age: 15+ years

Three years after I, Daniel Blake (TOAFF16), Ken Loach and his long-term collaborators (screenwriter Paul Laverty and producer Rebecca O’Brien) return with another devastatingly powerful portrait of contemporary Britain.

The 2008 financial crash cost Ricky, a father of two, both his work in construction and his mortgage – but a better future may be around the corner. When a promising opportunity as a freelance delivery driver presents itself, Ricky persuades his wife Abby, who works as a carer for the elderly, to sell the car she uses to rush from “client” to “client” to finance the van’s purchase.

Having never been on the dole, Ricky is confident his work ethics will see him through. As a self-employed “owner-driver franchisee” however, every minor setback or delay triggers a fine, with no recourse and no second chances. Abby faces equally exploitative pressures in her zero-hour-contract job and, under the weight of relentless schedules and rising debts, their family life is soon pushed to breaking point.

Sorry We Missed You is both an intimate family drama and an angry, meticulously researched indictment of a callous, inhumane economic system.


“This brilliant film will focus minds.”
The Guardian

“Riveting…a drama of searing human empathy”
Time Out

“Persuasive, affecting drama […], where humour and honesty keep sentimentality at bay”
Sight and Sound