The Breadwinner

Director: Nora Twomey | Countries of production: Canada, Ireland, Luxembourg | Year: 2017 | Length: 94 min
Language: English | Certificate: PG Cert

An 11 year-old-girl living in Taliban-controlled Kabul in 2001 must disguise herself as a boy to ensure her family’s survival.


When her father, the only man in the household, is wrongfully arrested, Parvana’s mother and siblings face starvation: women are not allowed to leave their home without a male relative, and there is no one around to help.


To support her family, Parvana cuts her hair and sets off into the city under a new identity. She embarks on a quest to find her father, experiencing a whole new world of possibilities and danger – and drawing strength from the magical tales she invents along the way.


Through the eyes of its formidably resilient protagonist, The Breadwinner’s enchanting visuals support a complex, richly layered narrative that confronts difficult real-life issues (incl. war and gender-based violence) with uncommon and deeply rewarding honesty.