The Day I Will Never Forget

Director: Kim Longinotto | Countries of production: United Kingdom | Year: 2002 | Length: 92 min
Language: Swahili with English subtitles | Age: 15+ years
Genres: Documentary | | Regions: Africa, Kenya

The Day I Will Never Forget is a gripping feature documentary by acclaimed filmmaker Kim Longinotto that examines the practice of female genital mutilation in Kenya and the pioneering African women who are bravely reversing the tradition.

In this epic work, women speak candidly about the practice and explain its cultural significance within Kenyan society. From gripping testimonials by young women who share the painful aftermath of their trauma to interviews with elderly matriarchs who stubbornly stand behind the practice, Longinotto paints a complex portrait of the current polemics and conflicts that have allowed this procedure to exist well into modern times.

CONTENT NOTES: Contains distressing scenes of female genital mutilation.

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