The Feminister

Close Up Sisters
Director: Viktor Nordenskiöld | Countries of production: Sweden | Year: 2018 | Length: 93 min
Language: Swedish with English subtitles | Age: 12+ years
Genres: Documentary | | Regions: Sweden

Screened as part of TOAFF19

This extraordinary portrait of politician Margot Wallström was shot over her first four years in office as Sweden’s Minister for Foreign Affairs.

A passionate advocate for a feminist foreign policy, Wallström proves a defiantly outspoken presence on the international stage. Her decisions – recognising Palestine as a state, calling out women’s oppression in Saudi Arabia – ruffle many feathers. Despite death threats and intimidation, she ploughs on and embarks on a highly competitive UN Security Council campaign.

While providing remarkable access to the corridors of power, the film does leave key questions unanswered (especially regarding policy cohesion, and how or whether Wallström succeeded in implementing policies that have advanced women’s empowerment). Yet at a time when so much of our political landscape is dominated by brash (male) egos, witnessing such a skilled diplomat’s intelligence and determination feels like a radically hopeful act.


Accessibility: closed captions; BSL interpretation for the intro and discussion is available on request (please email