The Honeys and Bears

Director: Veena Rao | Countries of production: United States | Year: 2016 | Length: 3 min
Language: English | Age: 12+ years

The Harlem Honeys and Bears aren’t your typical swim team. Ranging in age from 62 to 100 years old, they are New York City’s only 55 and over synchronised swimming team.

Founded by twelve members in 1979, the seniors practice daily at the Hansborough Recreation Center in Harlem. In this delightful 3-minute documentary, filmmaker Veena Rao captures the incredible spirit of some team members as they describe the freedom of being in the water.

“I never was a dancer, but I can dance in the water. I can do all kinds of things I cannot do on land.”

National Geographic, Short Film Showcase

New Orleans Film Festival, Official Selection

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