The Legend of Sarila

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Director: Nancy Savard | Countries of production: Canada | Year: 2012 | Length: 82 min
Age: 5+ years
Genres: Animation | | Regions: Polar regions

Screened as part of TOAFF13

Life can be difficult if you live on the Arctic tundra. But when all the animals people hunt to eat and stay alive mysteriously disappear, young Markussi realises that brave action is required.

Ignoring the clan spirit master Kiliq, he sets out with his friends in search of the legendary land of Sarila, rumoured to be abundant with nature, and food.

Pursued by a jealous shaman and confronted with hurdles along the way, the intrepid trio must restore the natural balance of the environment in order to save their people. Will they succeed?

Canada’s first 3D animated feature is an expansive, gorgeous adventure.

“Beautiful, ambitious, breathtaking.”
The Huffington Post

Jutra Awards 2014, Nominated, Best Sound
Genie Awards 2014, Nominated, Achievement in Music – Original Song

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