Time for Ilhan

Close Up Sisters Truth To Power
Director: Norah Shapiro | Countries of production: United States | Year: 2018 | Length: 89 min
Language: English, Somali with English subtitles | Age: 8+ years

Ilhan Omar, a hijab-wearing mother of three, was a complete outsider to the political scene. In 2016, she became the first Somali Muslim woman to be elected for state office in America.

Frustrated by the increasing disconnect between her Minnesota community and the public officials who represent them, Ilhan decided to run for office as a state representative. Observing her life on the electoral trail with remarkable intimacy and access, this rousing documentary offers rare insight into this formidable newcomer’s journey as she takes on a 43-year incumbent and redefines the face of American politics.

Ilhan’s story offers a resolutely hopeful snapshot of the growing importance of women’s role in politics and points to the possibility of a move towards a more diverse, dynamic and responsive political class.

The type of feel-good story we desperately need right now” The Hollywood Reporter

Official selection, TriBeca

Official selection, Hot Docs