Director: Meghna Gupta | Countries of production: India, United Kingdom | Year: 2012 | Length: 14 min
Language: Hindi with English subtitles | Age: 8+ years

Following discarded clothes from the USA to the only place in the world that will have them – the textile recycling plants of Northern India –  this documentary gives a voice to female garment workers, some of whom dream of travelling the vast distances the clothes they handle have. While showing us how the garments get transformed, the women reflect on these clothes and construct a picture of the West based on their imagination and the rumours that travel with the cast-offs.

This short, colourful documentary provides fascinating insight into the surprisingly circular route textiles take: manufactured in India, shipped globally, then returned to be recycled back into yarn (and sometimes woven into other textiles that will be sold back to the West.)  It also speaks volumes about two very different cultures and a lifestyle that makes cheap, “fast” fashion the norm.

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